Kos island - Tigaki

Kos is a wonderful island full of surprises. There are many more to enjoy than the sun and the sea. Many activities will keep you busy during your vacations here and will give you unforgettable experiences.

Get to know the world of Greek anciety, by visiting archaeological areas of great importance. Discover the amazing traditional villages, found either hidden at the mountains or by the sea. You can bring your bicycle to your vacations, as you can easily discover the island, which is mostly plane, by using the great newly built cycle paths that add a special tone to the character of the island.

Via the route by the sea at Tigaki, you will reach the town of Kos within an hour. Relax and exercise at the same time at the beach, as you can find any kind of water sports such as jet ski and wind surfing. The beach at Tigaki is ideal for surfers.

You will get charmed by the contradictive nature of Tigaki.

Come closer to nature, by observing strange birds around the protected wetland of the lake Aliki. Especially in May, you can photograph the beautiful flamingos that find shelter at the lake. Also you can visit the nudists’ beach at the end of the beach of Tigaki, if you belong in this philosophy.

Contact the horse riding club of the area and enjoy horse riding on the sandy beach of Tigaki or around the lake Aliki during the sunset, even if you have never done horse riding before.

For the mountain and hiking lovers, do not omit to visit the unique mountain of Kos, Dikeo. You can hike, through a path, up to the peak of the mountain, from where you will see the great view of the whole island. There, on the top of the mountain, lies the chapel of Christ, which celebrates on August the 6th.

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