Kos restaurants

Kos will satisfy every taste as far as the food is concerned. Picturesque small taverns with traditional tastes, ouzo taverns with many attractive plates, traditional taverns in Zia and fish restaurants at the beaches, which can keep you hungry all day long due to their aromas, and finally restaurants of international cuisine. There are many choices among Italian restaurants with variety of pasta, Chinese restaurants with sour flavors, Indian and Mexican restaurants with chili cuisine.

Tigaki has also a great variety of restaurants regarding its size. In the restaurants located at the beach you can taste fresh fish and seafood, in the family taverns you can try fine homemade Greek food and in the modern restaurants you can taste Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine.

You will also find a Chinese restaurant for the lovers of sour tastes and a tavern inside a real grapevine, ideal for wine lovers. Wherever you choose to eat, the prices are very affordable and the tastes original. Fine food is an important part of your holidays, so choose to ignore the weight that you might gain for now and enjoy every little moment.

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